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BBx ID Solutions is a high professional competence center and solution partner for biometric services and products in the EMEIA market



BBx ID Solutions is a EU-based consulting and service company for trusted biometric solutions for enterprises, industries, governments across EMEIA. Because of our long track record in the global biometrics and identity management market, we offer selected services that includes professional consulting, project management, selected services and biometric products.

Our target is to deliver the completely required chain of services & products to fulfill the criteria and requirements a customer is expecting to run a user friendly, but highly secured biometric authentication system in his enterprise environment settings.

Hello and welcome to BBx ID Solutions. I´m Thomas Bengs, CEO of BBx ID Solutions.


I´m in the biometric business for more than 20 years. What I´ve seen in these years, the wrong choice of biometric solutions can hamper an implementation even before it has started. The wrong choice of the right partner can cost a lot of time and money.

Therefore I founded BBx ID Solutions to support companies with my knowledge, my experience and my competence to find and migrate the right biometric solution for their needs and future challenges.

Together with our experts and biometric industry specialists, we analyze identity management processes and then develop concepts to improve the security, performance and user convenience, in order to perform proof of concepts and then to deploy the requested biometric solutions and services.