Listen, look, communicate and then design the solution.

As an EMEAI wide operating competence center for biometrics BBx ID Solutions is offering full consulting to lead and to accompany customers through their new planned biometric identification and authentication projects. Whether building an identity management program from the ground up, incorporating biometrics into an existing platform, or simply trying to understand how biometrics can help your organization improve its identity management process, BBx ID Solutions experts can show you how to get from where you are to where you are. want. More importantly, we will be your partner from the start of your project to the end and beyond.

As vendor independent consultants we provide unbiased guidance in all aspects of biometric implementation.


Our consulting offering includes:

  • Analyzis of the current identity management situation
  • Architectural design of biometric systems
  • Solution design and proposal
  • Building up a proof of concept
  • Proof of concept analyzis and final solution concept
  • Training
  • Ongoing management and upgrading of biometric systems


Our  biometric fields of competence

     Face recognition



            Palm Vein



Hi, I’m Thomas Bengs

Owner and Founder of BBx ID Solutions

The key questions for many companies who didn´t know us and who are not familiar with your work  is: Why should they select BBx ID Solutions as their trusted advisor and partner to establish a new professional biometric identification and authentication solution in their environment?

The answer I can give is based on trust, experience and our professional work.


  • BBx ID Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the biometric identification and authentication business
  • Our management was and is deeply involved in multiple biometric identification and authentication projects across the world
  • BBx ID Solutions has a strong competence in analytics of the real customer requirements in terms of proposing and designing the best possible biometric solution
  • We have a deep and profound market segment knowledge about essential biometric solutions required by governments, public sector, industry, automotive, health, traveling, leisure etc.
  • We have fundamental experiences in digital co-operations and digital co-designing
  • And we are a long year participant in biometric & industry organizations and  associations like: Bitkom, European Association of Biometrics, Teletrust, Fraunhofer, IGD.

BBx ID Solutions does not have a  crystal ball for biometric solutions, of course. But we have gained a lot of experience and competence in the last 20 years when BBx ID Solutions CEO Thomas Bengs was in charge for many successful projects for industrial companies around the globe. 

This is one of our benefits we offer, because it means for our customers, that we talk their language, understand the challenges from an inside point of view. Together with our partners and experts we find, develop and migrate the right biometric solution.