Palm Vein

Palm vein biometrics is considered as one of the most secure biometric technologies. The devices we offer are state-of-the-art


Depending on the application, BBx ID Solutions offers capacitive, optical and multispectral fingerprint systems


Facial Recognition

 Devices and terminals from leading manufacturers for access control, time and attendance



Biometric solutions are used for the secure identification or verification of individual persons. This is usually because passwords, pins or smart cards cannot provide the required security for the desired application, and their use may be complex, complicated and cost-intensive. Today, numerous biometric modalities coexist. For the layman it is usually very difficult to make a decision about which biometric base technology is the best for his use case.

BBx ID Solutions offers its customers a variety of selected, high-quality biometric products that have proven their efficiency, security, user-friendliness in numerous use cases/areas very successfully. And of course we will guide you through the decision process to find the optimal selection for your use case.



The different biometric systems can also be combined with each other to create a multi-modal authentication solution. This is particularly necessary if two factor recognition is required. However, it is also recommended if a fast recognition of many persons has to be performed. BBx ID Solutions offers appropriate solutions for this, e.g. palm vein with facial recognition or fingerprint with facial recognition can be combined. The corresponding software then controls the biometric modalities. In such a case, the facial recognition is used as a trigger (preselection) for the palm vein and/or the fingerprint.