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Do you know that biometric identity access can save you a lot of money?


As an enterprise organization, you still need to carefully consider your particular information security needs, and protect them from unwanted parties with relevant biometric identity management that brings together extreme ease of use and security across your enterprise.

BBx ID Solutions helps in selecting the best-suited biometric technology for your particular budget, environment, requirements and other criteria, for optimal results.

To make this happen, we closely work together with a team of experts and selected partners, like BWO Systems AG  a leading European company for palm vein biometric solution, based in Switzerland.

BWO Systems AG was distinguished of the manufacturer of the hand vein biometric sensors, the company Fujitsu Technology Solutions equal several times:

  • “Best Data Protection Partner 2018”
  • Finalist Global SELECT Innovation Award 2016
  • Swiss Infrastructure Partner Award 2016
  • Best Solution Innovator 2013

The prize was awarded in recognition of the exceptional and innovative achievements in the field of hand vein biometry. BWO Systems AG is the prominent European enterprise for hand vein biometric solutions.

Hi, I’m Patrick Wyss

CEO BWO Systems AG

I´m often asked from companies why they should integrate BWO®-UltraSecure Access™ Solutions into their business?

My answer is quite simple: With our solution  you will enjoy total security. Because our solution offers high-precision identity recognition. I will give you some facts to consider. The BWO®-UltraSecure Access™ Solutions is the most secure, accurate and reliable authentication method on the market. There are severals reasons that counts:

  • False acceptance rate (FAR) of only < 0.00001%
  • Forgery-proof owing to the high complexity of the vein pattern
  • 100% fraud-proof: Works only on veins with blood circulation
  • Perfect protection of digital identities
  • Authentication of a physically present person – not a medium
  • Double protection through two-factor authentication (right and left hand)

I hope I have the answer why we offer one of the best and most secure solutions in the market. If you have any further questions, please contact me.



In the film, BWO Systems CEO Patrick Wyss demonstrates the wide range of possible uses: Parking garages, entrance doors, lift control, safes, data centers, registration to IT systems and time recording.

Biometric technology increases security in many IT application areas. At the same time it simplifies processes and reduces costs. Known and already used technologies work by means of fingerprint, face or iris recognition. So-called hand vein biometrics, also known as palm vein biometrics, is already considered “state of the art”. This vein recognition, which works via the palm of the hand, surpasses other technologies in many respects, such as protection, hygiene, applicability, security level, user-friendliness, accuracy and social acceptance.


The BWO®-UltraSecure Access™ Solutions is based on vein pattern recognition and is the complete solution for fraud-proof authentication of people with maximum convenience and low administrative effort.