Biometric fingerprint technology is the most widely used technology in the world to identify individuals. Depending on the concept, there are optical, capacitive or multispectral fingerprint sensors. The optical sensors are primarily suitable for log in at the computer and in small or medium-sized businesses. A higher security is offered by capacitive sensors, which are also used by public authorities, for example. The multispectral sensors offer the highest security and can also be used due to their technology in areas where optical or capacitive sensors are used.


The range of different fingerprint pressure sensors is meanwhile very large. Depending on the application, BBx ID Solutions offers capacitive, optical and multispectral fingerprint.

Fingerprint systems are used in many ways – depending on the technology – they achieve a medium to very good security level at comparatively moderate to low costs.




BBx ID Solutions offers different desktop fingerprint sensors. For these, SDKs are available for integration by OEMs / integrators, as well as corresponding Identity Management SW. Additionally we also offer fingerprint based physical access control & time attendance solutions with corresponding software.

Important! For integration of the fingerprint sensors by OEMs an SDK / SDK training is required, which is also offered by BBx ID Solutions.


Capacitive desktop fingerprint sensors

Multispectral desktop fingerprint sensors

Desktop multispectral imaging for the value-conscious enterprise

Multispectral desktop fingerprint sensor with integrated card reader