BBx ID Solutions


A biometric identification and authentication solution is not only securing identities, and not only securing access to buildings, rooms, data centers or other facilities. It´s not only securing the access to PCs, Notebooks, Servers or web sites and its applications.

Much more it serves to give everybody involved in the biometric process a good feeling of convenience and faster processing covered with the best possible security.

This is what we believe, that´s our understanding.

Therefore, we are in this business, to make sure, that people will have a good and secure feeling when they start the biometric journey.


Listen, look, communicate and then design the solution.

This is the way that we offer to establish, to deploy and to operate an individual biometric identification solution. Our customers will get the benefit from our many years biometric business experiences and with our selected partner network, we bring the right people to the table, to create the best and successful customers biometric identification solution.

We live digital co-creation.


„Independently of the use case and independently of the location a biometric solution is used,

each single biometric identification and authentication solution is as individual as a biometric modality.“