BBx ID Solutions


Thomas Bengs, CEO of BBx ID Solutions

Thomas has studied communication technology, and he has a more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry.

After his 8 years military service time, he joined the Munich company RNT Technology GmbH his final position was Head of Service Repair Computer Storage Systems. In 1991 he joined Fujitsu Germany. He went through different jobs from support engineer, product manager, business development manager and account manager to director PalmSecure business EMEIA.

2013 he moved to Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH to become Head of Security Solutions EMEIA and then Head of Biometrics Products & Solutions Business EMEIA.

In January 2020 Thomas left Fujitsu to look after his own business which led him to found BBX ID Solutions.

Thomas has a 20 years’ experience record in biometric identification and  authentication and in identity management products-, solutions- and services business. He grows up with Fujitsu´s unique palm vein based biometric sensor technology.

Thomas developed the EMEIA business for this technology and he was involved in many projects to use biometrics in healthcare, banks, for national id cards, leisure, logistics, military, government, public sector, retail and automotive.


He and his team have been responsible also for biometric product & solution development, and so they brought a biometric multifactor terminal to the market.  Together with a selected partner they have developed a very high-level logical access software, as well as they supported the Fujitsu development team to establish a new  log in software with capability to use biometrics instead of a password.

With his team, Thomas developed biometric solution concepts for the car rental market, for the travelling industry, for event visitor management and for the automotive industry. Finally yet importantly, Thomas was the responsible driver to develop the biometric platform solution, which should make it possible to connect any biometric ID sensor technology to any application to perform easiest identity management in different market segments.

During the last 20 years in biometrics business Thomas joined different national and international biometric and industry associations to actively promote biometric technology in workshops and at events.

BBx ID Solutions  B.V. has been founded in July 2020 by

  • Thomas Bengs – CEO BBx ID Solutions, Germany
  • Patrick Wyss – CEO BWO Systems AG, Swiss
  • Christoph Leuenberger – BWO Systems AG, and
  • Helmut Kirchmayer – CTO BWO Systems AG, Swiss

BBx ID Solutions B.V. has its Headquarter in Swalmen, Netherlands and  branch offices in Germany and in Switzerland.