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Biometric solutions are rarely available off-the-shelf, they has to be customized for each customer.  Today  we are seeing an ever growing request for customized solutions for a company’s specific needs. Due to diverse security requirements in various industries, custom biometric solutions  must be individually tailored to the needs of the customer. Consulting, planning and solution design are key pillars for success. That is the challenge, that makes the difference and that is  what we can do best. 

We use our long year experience – being involved in so many different biometric identification and authentication projects –  to help customers understanding the whole biometric process to design a solution which meats to 100 percent the customer´s requirements and challenges.

We want the solution is working and it is accepted by the users who need to work with it every day. We will not stop the business when sales is done sucessfully, much more we will also provide excellent after sales services

Our solution and products offerings include:

  • Biometric hardware sensors
  • Biometric software for physical access, for time & attendance, for logical access to
    Notebook, PC, Server, Thin Client
  • Multifactor authentication solutions
  • Terminals, controllers, displays for physical access control and time & attendance for the enterprise market and for private and home users
  • Enterprise access and time & attendance solutions including professional on-/off premises software to manage complex identity management systems
  • Solution for payments, elevator processing, meeting room booking, secured printing, visitors handling
  • Developer kits
  • Customized biometric solutions inclusive biometric data base handling following GdPR guidelines

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