Corona Infection Chain Assistent


 The perfect companion for a safe and secure day in school




Distance measurement with the help of smart sensors is nothing new for industry or the automotive sector. Intelligent systems help when parking or warn when a safety distance to be maintained is not reached. What is new, however, is that they are now being used to track contacts at Covid-19.

Like CIC@ from BBx ID Solutions, a company from the Netherlands specialized in biometric services and projects.

What does the name CIC@ mean?

CIC@ is the synonym for „Corona Infection Chain @ssistant“ and is a smart solution for targeted contact tracing in a confirmed Covid-19 case in order to break infection chains in time.

This is possible by a smart assistant, the „contact tracer“ and with the help of special tracing software.



In areas where people come into contact with each other, already known, the CIC@ contact tracing solution is particularly well suited. The contact tracer works completely autonomously, does not require a recharging station, and the power consumption is so low that the built-in batteries remain functional for six months before they need to be replaced.

In the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case at school, all that is needed to find out who had contact with this infected person within a few minutes is the device ID of the Contact Tracer.

The CIC@tracer:

  • works without smartphone
  • does not require an app
  • does not store any personal data, no names, no mobile phone numbers
  • no position or movement profiles are created
  • works for 6 months without changing batteries
  • uses the Bluetooth LE radio standard


How does the CIC@tracer work?


At the heart of the CIC@school solution is a so-called contact tracer. This is a small box with a built-in proximity sensor. It automatically detects other tracers if they come under the safety radius of 1.5 meters (Graphic 1). Each tracer has its own identification number (ID) – similar to a passport. This consists of a sequence of numbers and letters. Only via this device ID the persons who used it can be assigned later on.


If the contact tracers meet within a radius of 1.5 meters, a „digital handshake“ occurs, which means the tracers exchange their identification numbers. These are recorded anonymously, additionally encrypted and stored locally on the devices (Graphic 2).


Only with the special tracing software the device ID of the tracers can be read out and linked to the name of the respective person who received it in order to start the tracing. The IDs remain stored on the tracer for fourteen days before they are overwritten and thus deleted. The students who wear the tracer during lessons and in the school building are not aware of this exchange.

Graphic 1: A distance of at least 1.5 meters from others reduces the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (RKI recommendation). The sensor in the contact tracer is set to measure this distance every 10 seconds. If another tracer does not maintain this distance, it is detected and its ID is stored.

Graphic 2: The tracers come closer than 1.5 metres. The sensors recognise this and a „digital“ handshake“ occurs, in which the device IDs are exchanged. Other tracers that keep the correct safety distance are not registered.

With CIC@school, schools ensure that only those contacts are traced which are at risk of possibly being infected by having been under the safety radius. All other contacts that were not within this radius are not recorded, as they do not play a role in the tracing.

All you need for more security is included in the CIC@school solution.

Part of the CIC@school solution is the CIC@software, running on a Fujitsu Notebook, secured with PalmSecure technology. PalmSecure provides a high level of accuracy, and uses a non-intrusive and contactless reader. This ensures virtually no physiological user restrictions while proving to be extremely hygienic as no contact to the skin is required.

 As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security.



Renting instead of buying

The CIC@Standard solution can be purchased as a rental model. The period of rental is 3 or 6 months respectively.

For using the CIC@ solution in schools, BBx ID Solutions is offering a special hard- and software bundle, which includes: 

  • Fujitsu Notebook mit PalmSecure™ ID-Login

  • Windows 10

  • CIC@Software

  • QR Code Label Printer

  • 1.000 QR Code Print Labels

  • CIC@ Corona Tracer with Lanyard

  • Service-Unit for installation and instruction