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The smart Corona Infection Chain @ssistant






CIC@ is the perfect solution  for tracing corona contacts, to reduce Covid-19 infection chains in companies, schools, health clubs or organizations.


CIC@ works

  • without smartphone
  • does not require an app
  • does not store any personal data, no names or phone numbers
  • no position or movement profiles are created
  • works for 6 months without changing batteries
  • uses the Bluetooth LE radio standard



What is CIC@?


To support the combat against COVID-19, Netherlands-based biometric technology and solution experts, BBx ID Solutions is offering

CIC@  the smart “Corona Infection Chain @ssistant”. 


With CIC@ companies can handle their infection risk management by implementing the software and the contact tracer for safe and secure operations.

CIC@tracers are more efficient than tracking apps on smartphones when it comes to infection control. By recording contacts between employees, companies can comply with the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standard and ensure infection control without risking blanket employment bans and plant closures.




Each tracer is powered by Bluetooth technology and is equipped with a unique ID number. The tracers scan for other tracers every 10 seconds and if they come into contact with another tracer at a distance closer than 1,5 metres the ID numbers are logged. There is a QR code on each tracer that – when scanned – shows the list of devices that could be at risk should a person be tested positive for coronavirus.

A software which is protected against unauthorized access can determine which tracer ID number is connected to which person.



Do you know the difference between a corona tracer and CIC@?

Hi, I´m Peter, I´m a corona tracer

In my job I find contact persons of people infected with Covid-19 so that chains of infection can be broken quickly. That´s not as easy as it sounds. I call hundreds of patients every day who contracted infectious diseases, establish which individuals those patients had contact with, and initiate isolation protocols to limit further disease transmission.

More and more institutes are seeking for contact  tracers. Last year in Vienna, the state wanted to employ 500 contact tracers: they pay 1,831 Euros for a full-time job. Only qualified persons can do this. They must have special skills like good spelling skills in German and foreign languages are also requested. People with experience in operating computers as well as with telephone surveys and customer contacts are also an advantage.

Hi, I´m CIC@, I´m a corona tracer, too.

In my job I trace corona infected persons,  in schools or enterprises.  To do this, I use a proximity sensor that sends a signal every 10 seconds, measuring distances. If another tracer comes closer than 1,5 meters, we change our IDs and  store them. I work autonomously, I don´t need smartphones or apps to do my job, neither addresses, names, phone numbers or GPS.

I´m unpretentious, don’t need much energy and work 8 hours a day without a break.

I’m ready to go, don’t need to be serviced or recharged, and have a runtime of six months with typical working hours. That’s why I don’t need a charging station. I am extremely economical and worth every penny.





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